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Welcome to Chatyoda!

This job offer is valid for people that would like to excel in psychology, communication and sales. You motivation is what matters most and the second key factor is amount of time you’re willing to invest into your job and your future. You have to be a good writer and an interesting conversation partner

To start you will need a computer with a web browser, at least 8 hours per day in one of two shifts, a good knowledge of written English. You should also complete the training course which might last up to a couple of weeks

After a few weeks of training and practice, we will teach you to earn $300/month. On the second month you will begin to master more complex but more profitable techniques that will allow you to earn $500/month. Our best operators earn from 1000$-1200$/month and have the opportunity to earn even more by managing their own operator teams

The number of jobs is limited. If your application is accepted our manager will contact you for the next step - Skype job interview

Employee Registration Form

As in your passport
At least one messanger if you don't have Skype
Please fill in your skype id
You will receive an email on this address with instructions on how to continue

Preliminary Test

To qualify for this job offer please pay attention to the following tasks. This aim of this test is to evaluate your communication skills and level of English. There are no right and wrong answers but what you write and how you do it is essential to proceed to the next step - the job interview

A stranger named Kevin that you’ve met in online chat writes you that he went to dinner with friends. Task: Write 3 questions about the dinner and his friends, in a manner that will, in your opinion, make him answer you and continue this conversation in chat
Write a letter about similar experience with your own friends, dinner parties etc. (similar topic) in a manner that will, in your opinion make Kevin write you an answer
In the chat you see a profile of a person. On this photo he’s riding a motorcycle. His name is David, he is 42 and he lives in Whittier, Alaska. He is divorced and has two children. He likes to watch Formula 1, enjoys playing ukulele. Task: ask 3 interesting Questions to David in a manner that would, in your opinion, make him answer you and continue this conversation in chat
If you had a superpower, tell us which one and how would you use it?
For what in your life do you feel the greatest gratitude?
Write a letter on the following topic: If you could resurrect an outstanding person for one day who would it be? Please explain why did you choose this specific person and what questions would you ask?
Please explain in detail why do you need this job and how do you see your future career as a freelance chat operator in 1 year from now