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Welcome to Chatyoda!

We hiring chat operators willing to earn money by working in internet chats in English. Your previous work experience, age (18+) and place of residence do not matter, only your motivation, initiative and high activity in communication are important. Both during the training and after it you will be accompanied daily by our manager, who will show you how to do the job in an accessible and easy way.

After a few weeks of training and practice, we will teach you to earn $ 300 / month, working from 5 hours a day. After mastering this first stem you can begin to master more complex but also more profitable techniques. This will allow you to earn $ 700 / month. and above, working from 8 hours a day. Our best operators earn from 1000 $ -1500 $ / month while also getting the opportunity to earn even more by managing their own operator teams. Payments are made monthly to the card of any bank, and for most hardworking advance payments are available.

To start you will need a computer, at least 5 hours a day in the evening or early morning, which you are willing to devote to work, an average knowledge of spoken English. You should also pass and complete our training course which might last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. In order to register you just need to fill out the form that you will find below and our manager will contact you during the day to answer all the questions. Also, you will immediately receive a notification in the mail with access to our chat for interviews, where you can ask any questions you have

Emplyee Registration Form

As in your international passport or drivers license
Please select at least one messenger if you have it
If you have skype please fill in your skype id
You will receive an email on this address with instructions on how to continue

Brief interview

Your english level:
Do you expect this to be your:
Are you ready to work more then 5 hours per day?
Are you ready to work night shifts (income +40%)?
Can you work in the office to get needed skills three times faster then on a remote basis?
Your experience in the field IT support or chat operations:
Most convenient timeframe for your working shift:
Please state when you are ready to begin your education: