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Chatyoda is hiring chat operators and can offer you the perfect job!

Our aim is to provide our members with options for remote earning with minimal starting skill level



Registration and learning is free. You’ll need only computer and internet. Experience doesn’t matter

Your income has no limitations besides your motivation and time you’re willing to spend

Easy to understand career ladder, at the end of which you are a head of a regional branch.

Great opportunity to improve your communication skills and find new friends worldwide

Dedicated manager to help you learn and get answers on all questions asked

Working from home – manage your time and workload yourself

Payments always on time. Payouts are made directly on your credit card

Chat operator income statistics

% from all our members


Chatyoda is an international employment and outsourcing agency that will help you to find the job of your dream without special skills and experience.

Working on the international market since 2007, we help our members find opportunities and get needed skills for competitive remote income while working from home.

We will give you the tools, and teach you how to make

3001500$ while working from home


The best of our operators have an opportunity to become administrators and hire their own team, earning additional income as a percentage of the earnings of their team members

The best administrators can be raised one more level and have the opportunity to have, in addition to the main income and interest, still fixed cash bonuses for the total volume of team’s revenue

And for the most hard working, we have an opportunity to become a regional representative, for whom we are ready to open an office in a city of his choice


Pavel Rudenko


I have always liked to communicate with people, listen to stories, face the fact that someone nearby may have an experience that is very different from mine. It is much more important for me to learn something new than to defend my opinion or to prove my case. Everyone has their own truth, yes? For some reason, it always seemed like a wonderful, but useless skill for life, but now I learned how to make money from my hobby. Thank you for this opportunity!


Tatyana Lavrinuk


My daughter is 6 years old and due to life circumstances she has no one to leave her for, so I was looking for work at home for myself. I have an economist’s background, work experience, but all this did not help me to find a distant work in my specialty. In chatyod I had to start everything from scratch, here my past did not matter much. It was really difficult, especially the first few weeks. I myself do not know why I did not leave, seeing my income in the first days. But then everything evened out, I got used to the schedule, and at some point I realized that I began to earn more than working in a specialty.


Nazar Polyakov

Sales Manager

I worked in sales before the chat room, so I’m not surprised a lot 🙂 in fact, everything is the same here - to interest, start work, continue it as long as possible. Only no 1C, documents, liability, problems with the warehouse and logistics. And the most important thing is that at any moment in time I will help to understand my earnings and to pre-tension or relax. And yet, listen to the administrators, they know their work


Oleg Golovin


Hi, it always seemed to me that I had no luck in life, I was born in a place where there are no special opportunities for the realization of ambitions. Therefore, I realized that the only opportunity for development is to look for work online. Having tried several options, I realized that chityoda is the most adequate choice. Yes, we must work, yes, nothing will fall from the ceiling, but I clearly understand that now my income is quite comparable with the average + in Kiev.

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